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The Rosin Factory refers to the Just Cannabis Shop, and is also home to our Just Cannabis Social Club.

Our aim with The Rosin Factory is to establish an up-market social club where like-minded cannabis users can meet up, press their own cannabis into rosin, and enjoy it in a safe, friendly, and private space.

The Rosin Factory Shop

Our Rosin Factory Shop is located at our soil factory premises in Somerset West. Members of the public are welcome to visit our shop and purchase Just Cannabis merchandise or growing aids. The Rosin Factory Shop is open to all members of the public, and all visitors to the shop are given the opportunity to join our Rosin Member’s Club (more information below).

Shop hours: 11h00 – 19h10

Strictly NO UNDER 21s. This rule will be enforced.

Right of Admission Reserved.

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What is Rosin?

Rosin is the end product of a solvent-less extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to remove the trichomes from the cannabis plant material.

In simpler terms, rosin is the sticky paste that comes from pressing a cannabis bud under extreme heat pressure.

When smoking rosin (or smoking a dab), there is zero combustion - no smoke, only vapor.

In our opinion it is the both the safest and most enjoyable way to consume cannabis.

Rosin Gallery

The Rosin Club Membership

The Rosin Factory Member’s Club

Just Cannabis is launching an after-hours membership club at our soil factory premises and Just Cannabis Shop, and we are inviting you! The Rosin Factory Member’s Club seeks to cultivate a welcoming and safe space for keen dabbers to stop by after work to relax and meet like-minded people who share a love of cannabis and dabbing. We seek to normalize a culture of dab enthusiasts gathering together after-hours, much like a local beer hole for drinkers.

Membership Fees

We offer 3 options for membership.

Daily Membership Fee: R100

Monthly Membership Fee: R250

Annual Membership Fee: R2500

Fees are payable via EFT, debit order, or cash.

NOTE: No member of the public will be allowed to smoke at The Rosin Factory without paying a membership fee (either daily, monthly, or annually).

Club members will receive the following:

  • One free press from the Just Cannabis mini-rosin press daily. Members must bring their own cannabis to press, after which they may make use of the Just Cannabis dab rigs to smoke it.
  • Members have access to the club and its services daily from 16h20 – 19h10.
  • 10% discount is given on the use of the large Just Cannabis rosin press.
  • 5% discount is given on all merchandise.
  • Members will given preference of all pre-launch specials of merchandise.
  • Discounted entry to our monthly Friday activities (ranging from themed events to dab reviews).
  • Members will receive a free Just Cannabis cap and two dab pots upon signing up.

We also offer a ‘refer a friend’ discount program. For every two friends that you refer to The Rosin Club for membership, we will give you one month’s membership for free.

PLEASE NOTE: Both members and non-members are welcome between 11h00 and 19h10 to peruse and shop merchandise, but only members will be allowed to use the Rosin Club facilities between 16h20 and 19h10. Non-members may still buy dabbing products during these hours, but to partake in the Rosin Club Membership, one must be a member.

The Rosin Club Rules

  • The Rosin Factory facilities are available to members only.
  • No member of the public will be allowed to smoke on The Rosin Factory premises without paying a membership fee (daily, monthly, or annually).
  • Members MUST bring their own personal cannabis to be pressed. The Rosin Club does not sell or provide cannabis or rosin – we only provide the facilities for cannabis users to press their own cannabis into rosin.
  • The Rosin Club sells munchies and non-alcoholic drinks, but members are welcome to bring their own.
  • Members are welcome to bring alcohol on the premises, but only beer and wine – no hard liquor will be allowed on the premises.
  • NO UNDER 21s. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  • No smoking of tobacco products will be allowed inside the factory. There is a designated smoking area outside the factory entrance.
  • Right of admission reserved.

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Call Us072 730 4916
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